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Top 10 Bizarre Lawsuits

10 - Man Vs Himself

1995, Robert Lee Brock decided to sue himself. He claimed that his crime was committed whilst he was drunk, which was a violation of his religious beliefs. He claimed that he had violated his own civil liberties. He sued himself for $5 million.

9 - Negligent security is a legitimate claim, when you’re
   the victim, not the perpetrator

2002, Edward Brewer sued Providence Hospital for $2 million. He claimed that the hospital was negligent because it had not prevented him from raping one of its patients. The judge ruled that any damage Brewer suffered due to his crime was his responsibility for choosing to commit the crime, and that the hospital had no legal duty to protect him from that choice.

8 - New Yorker Vs Subway

A 27-year-old New Yorker is suing Subway because he took a bite of a sandwich and found a 7-inch knife baked into the bread. The reason he is suing is because he was violently ill with “severe stomach issues” for three hours and he claims that he caught food poisoning from the handle of the knife which was plastic and, according to the man, filthy. He is suing for $1,000,000.

7 - Mistaken for a superstar

2006, Allen Heckard sued Michael Jordan and Nike founder Phil Knight for $832 million. He claimed to suffer defamation, permanent injury, and emotional pain and suffering because people often mistook him for the basketball star. Heckard dropped the lawsuit later that year.

6 - Holy Roller Vs Magicians

Christopher Roller, a resident of Minnesota sued David Blaine and David Copperfield demanding that they reveal their secret magic tricks to him. He demanded 10% of their total income for life. The reason for the suit is that Roller believes that the magicians are using godly powers; he is suing because he thinks he is God and therefore it is his powers they are stealing.

5 - Woman Vs Act of God

A woman sued a TV station for making an inaccurate prediction. The woman claimed that the forecast caused her to dress lightly – resulting in her catching the flu, missing a week of work. She further claimed that the whole incident caused her stress. She sued for $1,000 – and won.

4 - Weak stomachs and gross-out TV don’t mix

2005, Austin Aitken sued NBC for $2.5 million. He claimed that an episode of “Fear Factor” caused him “suffering, injury, and great pain.” He said that watching the contestants eat rats on television made him vomit and run into a doorway. The judge said the case was frivolous and threw it out.

3 - Medera City Vs Tasers

Marcy Noriega, a California police officer decided to tase a suspect in the back of her car when he became uncontrollable. Noriega drew her Taser Unfortunately the officer had accidentally drawn her gun instead, and she shot him in the chest – killing him. The city is now suing the Taser Company, arguing that any reasonable officer could mistakenly draw and shoot their gun instead of their Taser.

2 - Man Vs Anheuser-Busch

For a while in the 1990s, Anheuser-Busch, the producers of Budweiser, ran a series of ads in which two beautiful women come to life in front of two truck drivers. A Michigan man bought a case of the beer, drank it, and failed to see two women materialize. He sued the company for false advertising, asking for a sum in excess of $10,000.

1 - Common Sense Vs McDonald’s

In 1992, a seventy-nine year old Albuquerque woman bought a coffee from a McDonald’s drive through. She put the cup between her knees and pulled the lid toward her – inevitably the coffee spilt in her lap. She sued McDonald’s because she claimed the coffee was too hot to be safe. Unbelievably the jury found that McDonald’s was eighty percent responsible for the incident and they awarded Lie beck $2.7 million punitive damages!